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About Us


In 1981 a group of five medical specialists leased the corner of Alinga and East Row site for a multi-speciality facility to be known as Medical Specialists Associated (MSA) – now known as Gastrotract. Its commitment was to provide a high quality medical specialist consulting and diagnostic service to the people of Canberra.

The facility was opened on the 19th April 1982 by the then Commonwealth Minister for Health, Senator the Honourable Peter Baume, MD, FRACP (himself a gastroenterologist). The lease was renewed in 1990 and the space refurbished and re-equipped.

The practice was concentrated to Gastroenterology and Rheumatology and the inclusion of a surgical practice. Part of the facility was converted to become a licenced free standing Day Hospital to be known as the Mugga Wara Endoscopy and Day Procedure Unit.

In 1991 Mugga Wara was accredited with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards and has maintained this status.

In 1997, a new private hospital was planned to be co-located on the site of The Canberra Hospital. Mugga Wara was approached to participate in the provision of Endoscopy services at the new National Capital Private Hospital. Mugga Wara relocated to The National Capital Private Hospital when it opened in August 1998.



The endoscopy suite conforms to the standards for Endoscopy Facilities and Services – 3rd Edition, 2006 GESA & GENCA. We implement a Quality Management System that complies with the international Quality standard ISO: 9001:2016 and National Safety and Quality Health Services Standards. The primary objective of this quality system is to demonstrate through accreditation that we comply with, and where possible, exceed the requirements of all the relevant Australian standards, Codes of Practice Legislation and Industry Best Practice. This objective ensures that we deliver the standard of service expected by our patients and referring doctors

The Management team of Mugga Wara Endoscopy Centre’s role is to implement and maintain systems, resources, education and training to ensure that the clinical and nonclinical workforce deliver safe effective and reliable healthcare.

Establishing partnerships with patients, carers and consumers is an important part of delivering quality care in a safe environment.

Mugga Wara Endoscopy Centre is accredited with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards program against the National Safety and Quality Service Standards for Day Procedure Centres standards.

We have continuous compliance with the certification standard.

We participate in the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) Clinical Indicator Program. The ACHS Clinical Indicator Program allows health care organisations to submit clinical indicator data to the National Aggregate Indicator Database, and provides information to assist in identifying opportunities to improve the quality of health care delivery

We have a Health Care Facility Licence with ACT Health Protection Service and are members of The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards and The Australian Day Hospital Association.


Infection Control

Mugga Wara Endoscopy Centre has a rigorous infection prevention and control program overseen by the management committee. Elements of this program are:

  • Risk management policy and process
  • Infection control policies based on guidelines from the National Health and Medical Research Council, Australian Standard AS/NZ 4187, GESA and GENCA Infection Control in Endoscopy and the National Safety and Quality Health Services Standards.
  • Education and training of staff so they understand and implement the policies and procedures
  • Monitor and review process that ensures policies and procedures are implemented correctly
  • A surveillance system that regularly tests water and equipment for pathogens.
  • Mugga Wara Endoscopy Centre has had no reportable infections in patients post procedure since inception


Consumer Participation

  • To ensure we are making changes to accommodate our patient’s needs we have employed a patient advocate on our Clinical Care, Quality and Safety committee to enable our consumers to have a say in our processes and future planning.
  • Your input is of high value to us. If you feel you have any feedback on our business, we are more than happy to have you contact us. An online survey can be completed here.
  • Complaints/compliments register is maintained in the centre and any issues are followed up as required.


Mugga Wara is a member of professional networks including

  • GESA – Gastroenterology Society of Australia
  • DHA – Day Hospitals Australia
  • NSQHS – Australian Commission on National Standards and Quality in Health Care
  • AAPM – Australian Association of Practice Management