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Am I ok to go to work the following day after my procedure?

  • Generally the sedation takes up to 12 hours to completely leave your body. This is why we ask you not to drive, operate machinery or make financial decision in the hours after you have had sedation. If after this time, you do not feel able to drive, please contact us.
  • Gastroscopy and /or Colonoscopy – Yes, if your procedure went well and you had no complications, you can return to work the following day, but do rest the day of the procedure. If you have any issues that may prevent you to attending work or social activities the following day, please inform our staff when we call you. We would like to know if you have any problems and we can assist in following up with these.
  • Banding of Haemorrhoids – Even though the sedation has worn off, you may be too uncomfortable to return to work the following day. A medical certificate can be issued to cover the day of the procedure and the following day. If there are any concerns please contact us or the nurse at Gastrotract.
  • Removal of anal tags – Even though the sedation has worn off, you will be too uncomfortable to return to work for a week or so. A medical certificate can be issued to cover the rest of the week and following week.

If there are any concerns please contact us or the nurse at Gastrotract.

How soon may I eat after my procedure?

You will sleep for 20-30 minutes after your procedure. When you are awake fully and able to sit up, we will offer you some light refreshments. This will include a sandwich and biscuit with a drink. When you are discharged you may eat and drink as you desire unless you need to fast for any further tests that day. Remember do not over eat as you may experience some cramping or wind pain.

Will I be seeing the Doctor after my procedure?

Yes. All our doctors will see their patients after they have woken from the sedation. You will be given a copy of the report and some other post-procedure information. The doctor will explain if they have taken any biopsies (samples) and /or polyps. They will give an explanation of any other findings. The nurses can explain any further details and give you some extra information if you require it.

How long will the procedure take?

  • Gastroscopy -10-20 minutes
  • Colonoscopy- 20-50 minutes
  • Banding of Haemorrhoids- 10 minutes
  • Excision of Anal tags- 20-30 minutes
  • These are estimates only. Sometimes procedures may take longer depending on your other health problems, anaesthetic requirements and any extra procedures that may be required, for example if you have many polyps for removal.

Will I be sedated for long?

The sedationist will put a small needle in your hand/ arm for the sedation. This will be done in the few minutes before your procedure. Once the nurses and doctors are ready to start the procedure, the sedation will commence. The doctor will wait until the sedation has taken effect before starting the procedure. This only takes a few minutes. You will only be sedated for as long as the procedure takes. The sedationists will administer small amounts of medication regularly to ensure your comfort. You should wake from your sedation at the end of the procedure or shortly after. You will be sleepy for up to 10-20 minutes after the procedure and will need to rest.

For further information relating to your procedure, please refer to
‘Patient Fact Sheets’