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Our Team

Dr Musa Drini
Dr Sarah Walker
Dr Jonathan Bromley
Dr Mike Corbett
Dr Andrew Thompson
Dr Narci Teoh
Dr Vipul Aggawal

Gastrointestinal Surgeon
Dr Phillip Jeans

Mugga Wara Board of Management/Owners
Dr Musa Drini Medical (Director)
Dr Sarah Walker (Director)
Dr Jonathan Bromley (Director)


Nursing staff

Our nursing staff have extended knowledge of Endoscopy and have worked within this field for over 15 years. Our main focus is to ensure all patients and consumers are dealt with individually in a respectful and professional manner. We pride ourselves on our great team work and patient care, ensuring our consumers are provided with the best service and care during your stay. We also continue this care with a post procedure phone call the following working day to ensure you are recovered from the anaesthetic and to answer any questions you may have. If you have any concerns about ongoing care you may contact us or the doctors practice. Any information regarding your care and ongoing issues will be passed onto the doctors and their clinic nurse promptly to ensure your concerns are dealt with.


Admin support staff

Our reception and support staff pride themselves on their friendliness and willingness to make our patients feel welcome. They are always available to answer any of your queries regarding your day procedure.